Zhongguancun District Shopping, Zhongguancun Shopping

Zhongguancun District Shopping

Zhongguancun District Shopping

Zhongguancun is known as the “Chinese Silicon Valley”. This compact area, located in the Haidian district of Beijing, boasts people who are experts in IT and computer know-how from all over China. There are lots of well-known high-tech Chinese corporations located here such as Lenovo China, Founoe, UFIDA and Sina. There are also many representative stores for foreign companies, including Nokia, HP, IBM and Microsoft. The University of Beijing and Tsinghua University are also located in Zhongguancun.

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Zhongguancun Shopping District

In the past, people had the opinion that Zhongguancun was a place that only sold electronics products. But now, Zhongguancun has become a much more diverse shopping and mixed leisure zone. The area has attracted enormous amounts of recent investment and local property prices have risen considerably. If you want to buy good-quality digital products, famous brand names, shop in the huge underground shopping mall, enjoy good food and entertainment, visit Zhongguancun during your stay in Beijing!

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 7pm
Location: Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing.

Best Time to Shop

Each day you can enjoy yourself shopping in Zhongguancun, Saturday and Sunday are the peak days for buyers. If you like to do shopping with enormous people, you can shop on Saturdays and Sundays. Otherwise, you can go shopping on weekdays.

How to get there?

You can take Subway: Nearest station is Zhongguancun. Or take bus: Bus No. 26, 47, 302, 332, 320, 323, 732, 801, 862, 982, 983, Yuntong 105, Yuntong 106,Yuntong 113 to Zhongguancun West subway station. Or take a taxi.

What to Buy?

all products
You can buy all of the top-ranked electronic products in Beijing Zhongguancun.

The answer is just anything about electronic products, while a quick list of some of the things you’ll find:
MP3 players
Mobile phones
Other digital products

Zhongguancun District Virtual tour

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Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall Map

Dinghao Top Electronics City
If you want to purchase computer accessories and digital products that are good quality and reasonably priced, visit Dinghao Top Electronics City. Dinghao has the 3Cs (Computer, Communication, Consumer Appliance) products, memorable food, and some varied entertainment options. The third and fourth floors have a special area for computer DIY. Here there are different electronic accessories: external hard drives, memory cards, wireless network connectors, routers, memory chips, digital video camera batteries etc.

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Dinghao Electronics Ctiy

One of my friends usually accompanies his foreign contacts to buy electronic accessories in Dinghao. He introduces them to Mr. Shanghongyu and Mrs. Zhaoyan. Their sale counter number is #3251. They will show you good quality electronic products at reasonable prices. If you want to buy headphones, go to Anlihai (#4840 sale shop) franchised store where you can buy Sennheiser and Koss. If you would like to buy a digital or video camera, the sixth floor is worth going to. They provide a range of digital cameras for you to try.
Prices are generally 30%-40% cheaper than abroad; digital products are 10% cheaper than overseas. You will need to find a base price and bargain the price based on that. In fact, the merchants are willing to sell the product to you if they can earn just a small margin.

Location: 3 Haidian street,Beijing

Taipingyang Digital Market

If your laptop doesn’t have a webcam, go to Taipingyang Digital Market. The Logitech franchised store is at #307 on the third floor. Taipingyang Digital Market’s business area has over 10,000 square meters of floor space. It is easy to park here in the large parking area that provides almost 500 parking spaces. The pattern of Taipingyang’s layout is clear and rational. The first floor sells mainly digital products and laptops. The second floor has PC DIY. Fittings and consumables are on third floor. You can buy office equipment on the fourth floor.

Location: 52 Haidian Street Haidian District

You can buy the top-ranked digital products in the Taipingyang Market Beijing.

Zhonghai Electronics Market
Zhonghai Electronics Market is opposite Taipingyang. Zhonghai Electronics Market was set up in 1998. It was the first large-scale electronics exchange market in Zhongguancun. Walking through this market, you will be able to feel something of the past atmosphere of the area. If you go to Dinghao or any other market in Zhongguancun first and then come here, you will notice a big contrast in the architecture. This is where second-hand laptops, computers and accessories are sold.

Location:: 27 Haidian Street, Beijing

Generally speaking, these markets all have their special characteristics. But I prefer Dinghao and Zhonghai electronic markets because in these two places, nobody tries to push you to go to their shops. Here you can really enjoy your shopping without any hassle.

Off-Price Shopping Mall
To the west of Dinghao is Off-Price Shopping Mall. Many brand names are sold at reasonable prices. Thousands of popular discount European and US products are on offer. There is a huge variety of goods for sale: dresses, shoes, cosmetics. Every Thursday, new models come into the market. At that time prices have a 20% to 60% discount.

Location:52 Fourth North Ring West Street Zhongxin Building, Beijing

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Shangpin Off-Price

Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall
Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall is the largest underground shopping plaza in Beijing. It contains five areas:
1. Specialty stores with popular brands such as Nikea Golf, BMW lifestyle, Easy Shop, Ports International, Watson’s etc.
2. Pedestrian Street with its famous jewelry stores. This street had the first Italian lifestyle and designer stores in China.
3. Sports City & La Vita where mainly sportswear and sports machines are on sale.
4. Megabox is the biggest movie theater in China.
5. Carrefour supermarket.
If you are tired of walking, this plaza shopping mall also provides a small electric shopping car for free.

Location:15 Zhongguancun Street Haidian District,Beijing.

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Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall

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