Young painting potential struts its stuff

Xie Jinmu, organizer of the exhibition, is a successful entrepreneur and art collector.  — A large painting group exhibition focusing on young painters opened on August 25 at Beijing’s Times Art Museum, entitled the E-Jinghua Art Exhibition. The show has already attracted hundreds of visitors, including several famous painters.
Following a melodious charming musical performance, people could enjoy the views of the amazing art on display. No matter the object portrayed, with topics ranging from people to apples, the skilled technique and strong potential of these young artists was omnipresent.
“This is the third time we host the group exhibition in Beijing,” the event’s organizer Xie Jinmu said, “The exhibition attracted 170 artists, two of whom have been invited .”
Compared with the 86 artists featured during the exhibition’s second edition in 2012, this year stars twice that number and is also set in a more upscale venue. After four years of development, the exhibition now serves as an academic community and interactive platform for painters, critics and audiences.
Xie Jinmu is the founder and chairman of Mystere, a skin care product company established in France. He established a factory in Harbin in 1992. He is also a famous art collector and has collected a large number of Abstract and Expressionist paintings. As for the underlying reason to host the exhibition, Xie cited he wanted to give something back to society because he himself had received much help when still in school.[db:内容2]