Young Australian artist explores existentialism in youth to win national digital award

MELBOURNE, Sept. 5 — A young Australia’s artist on Thursday won the 2013 Macquarie Digital Portraiture Award of 10, 000 Australian dollars (9,127 U.S. dollars) via his outstanding video work to discuss and explore the concept of social identity and existing roles in life for contemporary youth at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.
The winning work named “Our Only Concern is the Void”, produced by Nik Lee, an 18-year-old Tasmanian artist, has remarkably impressed the judges through the gentleness of his digital portrait, local ABC news reported.
In Lee’s statement, he said this 12-minute video intended to explore the unique contemporary youth culture to find out the real social identity or the meaning of “existin”‘ for young generation in life.
French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialism dominated the youth culture in France after World War Two. The winner invited a young actor to perform a complicated passage from Sartre ‘ s novel Nausea.
“The loops of thought in the text, and his struggle to interpret and perform them, call into question the roles we play in life.” Lee said in the statement.
“Nik Lee successfully captures something of the human condition in the struggle to understand our existence. The loops in the text, and the actor’s attempts to present them, add a sense of poignancy to this exploration and expression of identity,” judge Gillian Raymond was quoted as saying.
The award, which is sponsored by Macquarie Group Foundation and hosted at the National Portrait Gallery, aims at modernizing the art of portraiture through technology and supporting artists only between the ages of 18 and 30 years working with screen-based technology.
All the participants are required to submit individual, group or self-portraits that examine the idea of identity using digital media, which are accompanied by statements written by the artists themselves.[db:内容2]