Yinding Bridge Travel Guide, Beijing Yinding Bridge Tour

Yinding Bridge in Beijing Shichahai Area

First built in Ming Dynasty, the bridge is in the shape of a silver sycee, and that is why it is called Yinding Bridge. ‘viewing the Western Hill at Yinding Bridge’ was one of the amazing sceneries in ancient Beijing.

However, the scene was blocked by the new rises, and now it is a busy hub and center to make the tour around the Houhai area.

In the evening, standing on the Yinding Bridge provides the best view of Shichahai Lake. In summer, you can go boating on the lake and songs and music can be faintly heard coming from them.

Some young people like to float small paper boats with lit candles inside on the water. All of sudden, it gives the feeling of boating on the Qinhuai River in Nanjing. Although the pleasure boats and tourists bring noise to the peaceful Shichahai Lake, it’s perhaps the way it is.

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