Yaxiu Market, Shopping in Beijing Yaxiu Market

Yashow Market Shopping Beijing

Yashow Market Shopping Beijing

Yaxiu Market, also known as Ya show market, located on Chaoyang District, is an indoor 4-floor store, just like the Silk Market. It is the clothing bazaar for Beijing locals, so the prices are much lower.

The total area of Yaxiu market is about 27,000 square meters and its main business scope covers a wide range of foreign trade including clothing, accessories, traditional handicrafts, snacks and cuisines, as well as recreation and entertainment.

the outside of the Sanlitun Yaxiu Market in Beijing
the outside of the Sanlitun Yaxiu Market in Beijing

Location: 58 Gongti Bei Lu, Chaoyang District; located at the west side of Sanlitun Bar Street and adjacent to the second embassy area
How to get there:
Take the subway line 2 to Guomao and take the new line 10 up to Tuanjiehu. There are signs from there to Yaxiu (Yashow).
Opening Hours: 09:30 21:00 Daily

What to Buy in Yaxiu Market

Along with Hongqiao and Xiushui markets, Yashow is one of the most tourist-heavy markets in Beijing, but it is also one of the best if you want the fake jeans, bags, shoes, a good tailor or a gift to take home to your friends.

Silk and satin in Yaxiu Market
Yaxiu market is famous for the Chinese silk and satin, and you can tailor a Chinese Qipao here.

wholesale in Yaxiu market
Yaxiu market wholesales the women and men clothes and Chinese silk and satin.

Yaxiu market fun stuff
Have you seen this kind of stuff before? Come to Yaxiu market to buy some as the presents for your firends.

  • Basement: leather goods
  • 1st floor: shoes, hats, bags, wallets, electronics
  • 2nd floor: clothes, famous brands, modern clothing, daily necessities
  • 3rd floor: silk, clothing, bedding, childrens clothes, tailors
  • 4th floor: souvenirs, gifts, arts and crafts, pearls
  • 5th floor: food, local snacks, different cuisines

A Virtual Shopping Tour in Yaxiu Market

Most of the goods sold here were similar to the one at Silk Market. Anyway, I found out that it was easier to get your desired rate here; perhaps the tourists groups that visit Yaxiu Market was less than the groups at Silk Market.

However, Yaxiu Market is much smaller in size when compared to Silk Market. Most of the staffs are English literate but if you speak other languages such as French and Spanish, the best way for you to communicate with them is through the digits of calculator. They will tell you the rate of your selected items via calculator.

T-shirt at Yaxiu Market
You can buy a T-shirt with a large choice at Yaxiu Market.

cystal stuffs
There is always the one that you love among the various kinds of crystal stuffs.

girls at Yaxiu market
The girls at Yaxiu market selling the Chinese silk and satin; generally, they can speak English.

If you are not satisfied with the figure, what you need to do is just re-enter the figure that you desired and return the calculator to the sales person. Just keep on passing the calculator if you really wish to buy the items or otherwise just leave the stall and head to the next one.

bargaining at Yaxiu Market
Bargaining is necessary when shopping at Yaxiu market, always taking your time.

Here are some rough targets dont stray!

  • T-shirts: 20-25RMB
  • Running Shoes: 50-80 RMB
  • Dress Shoes: 80-100 RMB
  • “timberland” boots: 120RMB
  • Belts: 20 RMB
  • Ties: 10 RMB
  • Custom Shirts: 80 RMB
  • Custom Suits: 600-800 RMB
  • Jeans: 80 RMB
  • Jackets: 100-150 RMB
  • Baby clothes: 20-40 RMB

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