“Yabin and Her Friends” to launch world tour

BEIJING, Nov. 4 — A new season of “Yabin and Her Friends” produced by Chinese and Belgian dancers starts a world tour this month, organizers said Monday.
November marks the 5th anniversary of “Yabin and Her Friends”, a branded dance performance produced annually by Wang Yabin, a Chinese dancer, choreographer and producer. The fifth season, themed “Genesis”, is a joint work by Wang and Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.
The performance will be presented at the National Center for Performing Arts of China on Nov 14-15, then staged in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and other countries over the next two years.
Genesis is about “the origin of creation” and performances use the metaphor of a growing tree to represent the past, present and future.
“For me trees offer a model for the phenomenon of a ‘divide and conquer’ way of developing your spirit, your family, your love life – dividing in order to reach further, to gain a sense of territory,” Wang said.
“Something dancers, trees and animals all have in common is the need to push forward, to occupy space but also interact with the environment they inhabit.”
Chinese and Belgian artists and institutions came together to pool their knowhow, network and resources to create conditions that would allow both artists to fulfill their vision, and share their work with diverse audiences, producers said.
When asked about their cooperation, Cherkaoui said Wang has sense of humor and can identify a problem and solve it when things go wrong. “These are all virtues and qualities that I like very much, something that I recognize in myself.”
All participating artists believe strongly that “even when we do not speak the same language, we can build and grow together if we share the same goals and communicate with clarity and honesty. The ties that bind us are stronger than the lines that divide,” Wang said.
Chinese, Belgian dance artists to launch world tour
BEIJING, Sept. 3 — Chinese dance artist Yabin Wang will work with Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui to launch a world tour of “Genesis,” producers said Tuesday.
“Yabin and Her Friends” Season 5, named Genesis, will be performed in November in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and will be staged in major theaters in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Netherlands and Luxembourg in the following two years.  Full story[db:内容2]

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