Xinhuanet Interview with Professor Arnoud De Meyer President of Singapore Management University

, you study law, but you study the Common Law, as it was developed in the United Kingdom, and then used elsewhere, but you study how it has been implemented in Asia, so you get a very interesting combination. If you were to study law in England, you get English law. But you see it only in that area. When you come here, you see how we have adapted it to an Asian environment, how it applies in Asia, and I think that is actually very interesting for students to see how the two are then merged with each other. So we do research on this part of the world, and we try to make sure that that is top-class research, world-class research, that we can improve our programmes with that research. So I think that is the third point.
The holistic experience, the international experience, the third point is the strength of research that we have to offer. We are a truly Asian school, and that I think is important for many students.
Journalist: You’ve shared with us why they should choose SMU. Then what kind of Chinese students are you looking for? What are your expectations after they graduate from SMU?
Arnoud De Meyer:We want them to become leaders. We want to make sure that our students and our alumni are successful in business, in government, in society and non-profit organizations. We are quite neutral about it. They do not have to go into business, notwithstanding our name, but we want them to become leaders, to be outspoken, thoughtful, and to be able to give leadership, and who feel a responsibility for society, not only for making money for themselves, but actually who would say “we do this because we want to improve society”. You probably know that all of our students have to do 80 hours of community service while studying in SMU. Many of them do a lot more. That is important for us, because we want to ensure that they understand that as university graduates, they are privileged, and they have to give back to society. They’ve got a lot from the Government, and from society, because they are allowed to study. They get a good degree, they probably will make good money, with good salary, but they should realize that they have to give back to society. So that is the second thing I expect from them, that is that they are leaders, and secondly, that they are leaders with a heart, and are willing to give back to society. Thirdly, of course I hope they will be very professional, that they will apply what they learn here at the university. I actually had the privilege of going to Shanghai and Beijing to see our alumni there, and I was very impressed by them, because I think we are succeeding. They were all talking about their job, and the hard work they had to do, the long hours they had to work. That’s OK! I’ve worked hard and long hours when I was young, so that’s fine. But they were all talking about something else, something that they were trying to do to give back to society. I think I’m very proud of my alumni.[db:内容2]

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