Wofo Temple Tour, Temple of Recumbent Buddha Beijing

Beijing Wofo Temple Tour

Beijing Wofo Temple Tour

Beijing Wofo Temple

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Tour Time half an hour

Features a Buddhist Temple, one of the well-known temples in Beijing, famous for the bronze recumbent Buddha inside the Temple

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Wofo Temple, also named as the Temple of Recumbent Buddha, is situated at about 20 kilometers from Beijing, and it is close to the Temple of Azure Clouds at the north end of the Xishan Western Hill and is near the Beijing Botanical Garden. It is one of the famous ancient temples in Beijing and is a popular tourist destination.

Wofo Temple was built during the reign of the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D. 907 A.D.), with a history of more than 1300 years. It is famous for the bronze reclining Buddha inside the Temple, so named the Temple of Recumbent Buddha.

Highlights of the Wofo Temple

The Recumbent Buddha’s Hall

The Recumbent Buddha’s Hall is obviously the most important hall in the Temple of Recumbent Buddha (Wofo Si). The hall was built in the Jin Dynasty (1115A.D. – 1234A.D). Then the temple underwent further renovation during the Yuan Dynasty (1271 A.D- 1368A.D).

The reclining Buddha lies inside the Hall and it is known as the statue of Sakyamuni. It is five meters long and weighs about 54 tons. It was built in 1321A.D which was during the Yuan Dynasty. The left hand of the statue touches his leg and his right hand is supporting his head. This was the pose of Sakyamuni when he had achieved nirvana.

This bronze statue of the Buddha is the largest bronze recumbent Buddha to be found in China. There are twelve other figures of Buddha around this one. Here Sakyamuni is telling his disciples what to do after he achieves Nirvana. The reclining Buddha is perfectly maintained and it reflects the wonderful iron-melting techniques that were used during the Yuan Dynasty.

Location: Wofo Road, Haidian District, Beijing Botanical Garden

Opening Hours: 08:10 16:30

How to get there

Tourists can take the bus no. 112, 331, 505, 630, 634, and 696, and get off at the Wofo Si station.

Weather/Best Time to Go

The autumn months between September and November have the best weather and fewer tourists. Summer (June to August) is considered peak season, when hotels typically raise their rates and the Great Wall nearly collapses under the weight of marching tourists. Spring is less pleasant not many tourists but lots of wind and dust. In winter, you’ll have Beijing to yourself and many hotels offer substantial discounts, just remember it’s an ice box outside. Everything is chock block during the Chinese New Year (usually in January or February).

Travel Tips

  • You are suggested to visit the Wofo Temple together with the Beijing Botanical Garden, Temple of Azure Clouds, and Western Hill.

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