Welcome to TourBeijing.com Travel Advisor - Will's Homepage

Welcome to TourBeijing.com Travel Advisor - Will's Homepage

My name is Will Wei, a local guy of Beijing. I am working at TourBeijing.com as a travel advisor. Before that, I have years of working experience on different field such as tourism, education, international trade, publishing industry, etc.

I love learning new stuff, traveling, exercise, jogging and hiking etc. I have traveled in some cities around China.

Apart from Beijing ---my hometown, Hangzhou is one of my favorite cities in China. The beautiful scenery and comfortable climate are unforgettable. Of course, Beijing city is the most important part in my heart, for she has more than 3,000 years of history and over 800 years of Capital city in several dynasties.

I love showing my beautiful motherland to the rest of world. Welcome, my friends, I will be here and waiting to share my wonderful country with you.

TourBeijing.com Travel Advisor--- Will Wei

Beijing in my eyes! - My customers' travelogues

Kerri’s 1 Day Juyongguan Great Wall and Ming Tomb Tour

Kerri’s 1 Day Juyongguan Great Wall and Ming Tomb Tour

Author:Kerri L. Vega
(2013-08-24 10:05:07)

My trip advisor always responded promptly to my inquiries. He was able to make suggestions to maximize my limited time, and the tour he arranged was perfect.

My tour guide was very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. Even while driving between de...

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Our Happy and Memorable 6 Days Beijing-Xian Tour

Our Happy and  Memorable 6 Days Beijing-Xian Tour

Author:Steven G. Cameron
(2013-08-11 15:47:00)

As noted previously, wanted to see China and enjoy it -- not buy it (or from it)... Charge an honest fee up front -- so there's no necessity to skim money when steering travelers to your "factories".

Tour guide and driver in Beijing were excellent: ...

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My Customers' Tour Feedback

Dear Will Wei,I appreciated your excellent service. I especially want to mention the tour guides who helped us, and the drivers. They taken very good care of me and my son.Thank you for all you did make our trip a success.

Ms.Elsie Scully, UK, 2013-02-22

Because of you, we have unforgettable memory of our trip to Beijing. We will remember the ancient history that surrounded us contrasted by the rapidly developing modern China! Our tour guide is intelligent, professional and humorous! We like him very much!

Mr. Brain, USA, 2009-11-23

FANTASTIC! I have been to China before but this was the best. We loved the Great wall, Jingshan Park and the Pearl market. The food here was great, added the cozy hotel. Thank you for all of your hard work making this China tour happen. Finding a tour that will make 12 people happy is a challenge but we all had a great time. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending your company to all of our friends in our country.

Mr. Dr. Bernd Gross & Mrs. Ines Grucndel, South Africa, 2009-11-18

Thanks you for booking such a lovely trip to China. Everything went smoothly, with good hotels, good food, good guides and drivers. Your team did a great job. I need one thing. Please provide me with the airline ticket numbers (16 digit), booking class, and seat numbers for two of my children. Again here are my many thanks and best wishes.

Joel Bleicher, Pretoria, South Africa, 2008-07-12

We flew in over Beijing at around 9:30pm on New Year's Eve and the view was astounding. As far as we could see there were fireworks exploding EVERYWHERE! We were able to watch the festivities from the balcony at our hostel once we arrived. At midnight there were fireworks exploding every couple hundred feet on every block everywhere in Beijing. By fireworks we don't mean bottle rockets, we mean the giant exploding flowers and mortars they use in the professional shows in the US. Here, everybody can buy those same fireworks from the street vendors. It was absolutely amazing!

Ralph A. Drees, Queenstown, New Zealand, 2008-03-03

It took me more than two long holidays in China to experience all the aspects of this vast and diverse country, which teems with billions of people and is bursting with awesome sights. From the legendary “Silk Road” and the remote monasteries in the highlands of Tibet to the bewildering Forbidden City at Beijing, the wonder of the Great Wall, the ranks of Terracotta Warriors at X’ian, and the intriguing streets of Shanghai, The People’s Republic of China is one of the world’s most spectacular destinations. I really enjoyed the trip last year with TourBeijing.com.

Beryl Kean, Wellington, New Zealand, 2007-11-23