Why Choose us?

Why Choose us?

  • Reliable companyWe are local
  • Prompt response
  • Trustworthy travel agency
  • Experienced tour operator
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Real care customer service

We are local

As a local travel agency, we get more advantages than the agency outside Beijing. We understand Beijing well and are familiar with each place our customer goes.We are convenient to go out to inspect and control the quality of each place for your trip. And if you have any problem during the trip, we can give a fast help and support.

As we are based in Beijing, we are able to offer you the most updated local information to help you understand what need to be awar of before your arrival in Beijing. And if you want to know more of us, you are welcome to visit our office when you are here in Beijing.

Prompt response

Our travel advisor will be with you from the very first e-mail or phone-call to the moment you are safe back home. For your every inquiry to us, we give prompt response within 0.5-23.5 hrs. And we specially provide urgent contact email for you to get our priority response. We also offer a 24hrs phone call service for you to reach us anytime you need during your trip. For all the questions you have, we will take care of it and give a prompt response and action!

Trustworthy travel agency

We run all our business base on Integrity and Honesty. We have strict operational guidelines for our guides and staff to follow . We also put all our promised service into written docs for you before your arrival. We mean it only by words, but also by actions!

Based on sincerity for years, we have now become a well-know Travel company In Beijing and China area. We have gained awards as a Trustful company and a promise keeping company rewarded by official Administration. So, please feel free to count on us, a reliable Beijing local agency!

Experienced tour operator

An experienced tour operator plays very important role in choosing a right tour company as it will determine if your whole trip would be smooth, comfortable, pleasant or not.

Founded in 1992, our company has been specialized in tour operate for over 18 years. This ensures that we can provide knowledgeable tour guide, safe driver, flexible schedule, fantastic hotel and exquisite cuisine at great prices. We pay attention to every single detail of our tour service, if there is anything improper in all the procedures, we can make it right promptly. Travelling with us, we hope you enjoy a totally worry-free, hassle-free and difficult-free experience. 

Unbeatable value for money

Because we have been working in tourism industry for so many years, we have built many long standing cooperative links with over 100 local service providers in Beijing, which enable us to provide the most competitive prices to our value customers.

We discount price only, but never discount quality. However, we offers in all of our tours a level of quality that only can be matched by the top 20% of other travel agencies or travel organizers. We can even show attractions to our customers that are hidden to most of tourists due to our close relations with local governments. We aim to bring an unbeatable value for the money spent on us.

Real care customer service

We consider customer caring service as our number one job. We are in direct contact with each of our customers. And because of it, we know exactly what you want and can meet your every need. We value each customer’s information and appreciate your every comment to us. We are eager to listen and learn anytime how we can improve our service better. We will make sure that each step of your tour is taken into account with a personal care to make you totally satisfied.

Tailor-made a Beijing tour

Have a question? Want to tailor a Beijing tours? Want to plan a Beijing trip?

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