Villages of persimmons

The leaves have all fallen, leaving just the red gold fruits attached to gnarled branches. — In the mountains of Shandong province, Ju Chuanjiang and Zhao Ruixue discover settlements rich in color and blessed by nature.
Autumn seems reluctant to leave the villages in the southern mountainous area of Qingzhou in Shandong province. Although it is already early into the coldest season of the year, these hamlets nestled into the hilly slopes are still wearing their fall colors of rich red, yellow and green, thanks to the smoke and phoenix trees and the pines that surround them.
But there is one color that stands out, dotting the landscape like jewels – orange.
In this region, the villages are famous for their quiet, undisturbed lifestyles, and their persimmons. Even though the peak has long passed, we managed to catch the last brilliance of the autumn harvest.
Narrow tracks to the villages are the only approach and the roads become more and more precipitous the higher we climb. Our 30-year-old driver, with seven years of driving under his belt, is giving the roads his full concentration.
“I dare not look down,” he says.
Half an hour later, we reach Shangshao village in Wangfen town, and the scenery changes from beautiful to breathtaking. There are rolling mountains in the distance and a sea of clouds hovering over the trees.
Here, century-old persimmon trees are as tall as 6 meters. The leaves have all fallen, leaving just the red gold fruits attached to gnarled branches.[db:内容2]

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