Tujia traces origin to “white tiger” of lore

By Zhang Qian
BEIJING, Nov. 10 — Tujia is an ancient ethnic group in China who call themselves “native dwellers.” Their worship of creation myths and white tigers is still evident in their songs, dances and home decorations.
The Tujia ethnic group has a population of over 8 million, and mainly lives in compact communities in the Wuling Range of western Hunan and Hubei provinces. There are also Tujia people scattered in Sichuan Province and other regions in China.
The Tujia people call themselves Bizika, which means “native dwellers.” Though their name suggests that they are natives, their exact origin is still uncertain. Some people trace their ancestry to the ancient Ba people. Others claim they come from the Wuman, who moved to western Hunan from Guizhou Province, and another theory is that they came from Jiangxi Province at the end of the Tang Dynasty [db:内容2]

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