Top 10 places to enjoy art in Beijing

Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing

BEIJING, Oct. 14 — Beijing is not only the economic, political and educational center of China, but also its cultural and artistic center. It boasts hundreds of galleries, art centers and museums, all focusing on different categories of art masterpieces.
The following 10 locations offer the best in their respective art fields. Some of them were established and donated to by private collectors, including famous foreign collectors. Others were established by the government itself. Some of them focus on contemporary art; some stand out for their collections of ancient Chinese masterpieces; and yet others are famous for old Beijing-style works of art.
Top 10: Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing
Located in Daxing Village of Songzhuang Town, Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (MOCA) is a non-profit organization open to the public. Featuring a characteristically modern styled building, it consists of three floors. The upper floors mainly exhibit sculpture works; the middle floor are 10 meters high, and feature a new media exhibition hall, which exhibit various kinds of fabulous modern art works by new young artists.[db:内容2]