Tibet’s Buddhist association gets new leadership

LHASA, Jan. 17 — The new leadership of the Tibet Autonomous Region Branch of the Buddhist Association of China was elected on Friday, the association announced.
Zhukang Tubdankezhub, one of the 358 living Buddhas in Tibet, was re-elected as the 10th leader of the association, while Taktra Tenzingeleg, Rada Ngawangtenzin and another 17 religious figures were elected as deputy leaders of the association. Phagpalha Gelegnamgyal was again invited to be the honorary leader.
Among the new leadership of 21, 11 were re-elected and 10 are new nominees.
Zhukang Tubdankezhub was elected as the 9th leader of the association in 2009.[db:内容2]

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