Thousands attend Christmas eve feast in Houston

HOUSTON, Dec. 24 — Thousands of people lined up on Tuesday at a downtown venue in the U.S. city of Houston to dine and share in a joyful festive spirit to welcome Christmas, a giving and receiving holiday.
The 35th annual Christmas Feast was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston early Tuesday. Many local families joined the charity party to enjoy a hot meal and receive free gifts for their kids.
Stephanie Lewis, regional project director of the event organizer, the City Wide Club, told Xinhua why the super feast was an important holiday event.
“I think this event is very important to those in need, because the faces of the people we serve have changed over the years,” Lewis said.
“They are not necessarily the homeless person that we think of or the person living under the bridge, on the streets. There are lots of family and people who may have jobs and even have a place to live, but cannot make the ends meet.”
On-site registration was conducted at the center to invite people to volunteer and to serve other people.
“Giving is a virtue. It makes you happy. That’s why we always are ready to help others. In helping others you also help yourselves,” said the director.
The feast not only offered food and toys, but also gave free clothes, free mobile phones and job opportunities. It was expected to attract a total of 25,000 people.[db:内容2]

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