What Our Travelers Say

What Our Travelers Say

Still deciding if a TourBeijing.com is for you? Many of our travellers have experienced a lifetime changing trip and now more than happy to share their stories with you. Check out their memorable travel trip reviews and experiences in Beijing and China.

First, Mr. Wei, thank you for arranging the itinerary to mostly help realize my great dream of visiting and enjoying China -- especially Beijing and Xián. 

Would like to provide some feedback/evaluation of my stay here -- commenting on the guides and drivers in Beijing and Xián: both the guide and driver in Beijing have been extraordinarily wonderful.  Jenny brings a superb skill to her position that reflects well on your agency and China.  She is courteous, kind, able to answer questions with ease, and adds a nice sense of humor to our tours.  She is surely a positive influence, always making sure that my entire experience here proceeds well.  Jenny is knowledgeable about the area, thoughtful about me as a visitor, and intelligent in guiding me, and considerate.  Our Beijing driver is also quite pleasant.  He is quite capable of navigating the often difficult traffic and making sure we arrive safely to all of our destinations, doing so and a completely pleasant and polite manner.  Very, very pleased with your Beijing crew that you assigned to guide me. 

One topic that might be helpful -- is reducing the amount of "factory" tours -- which are actually shops -- and do not necessarily add pleasure nor worthwhile experiences to my travels in China.  They seem to be only designed to have me buy items.  My reason for coming to China was to visit and see China -- not to buy it (or purchase unnecessary products under pressure -- from it). 

There is still much, much more to see and do in Beijing, Xián, and indeed all of China -- hoping to be able to visit here in the future.  

Thanks again, Mr. Wei.  Hope the rest of your summer is pleasant. 

/Dr. Steven G. Cameron

Dr. Steven G. Cameron, USA, 2013-07-19

We had great time on our trip to Beijing, both the driver and guide did very well. We visited Ma Ju Yuan and Nei Lian Sheng. We all loved the Paragon Hotel Beijing. Thank you for all the guidance and for this trip.

Finland, Germany, 2013-07-14

This is the best Tour ever had, we like to thank you for all the quality service, patience with customers. We’ll definitely go with Tourbeijing.com for our future travels to China.

Norma Robertson, group 2 Argentineans 1 USA, 2013-06-30

This is unforgettable 3 days Beijing Tour experience, everything thing was handled to our complete satisfaction, from Hotel, Tour guiding to Driver. We are really impressed booking our tours with Tourbeijing.com.

Andy& Michelle , USA, 2013-06-17

I will recommend your website to all my friends who plan to visit China. Your executive Ms. Ivy Xiao has helped me a lot and your tour guide Ms. Lily is a wonderful person and a great tour guide. They both made the tours special for me. Thanks.


Hi, Lucy, It was a great pleasure to meet you while we were in Beijing. Thank you for taking the time to meet us. The tour was really wonderful – you did a very good job in planning it for us in such a rush time. We do appreicate very much.

Mrs. Lily Hong, Canada, 2013-03-12

Dear Will Wei,I appreciated your excellent service. I especially want to mention the tour guides who helped us, and the drivers. They taken very good care of me and my son.Thank you for all you did make our trip a success.

Ms.Elsie Scully, UK, 2013-02-22

Dear Ivy, I am writtingjust to thank you for all the efforts you have made for our trip to Beijing. We did have a wonderful time there. We are very satisfied with the quality service of your company and in particular with the guides that we have had the pleasure to deal with. We are very impressived at the amazing Great Wall and the Forbidden city. Beijing is the pround of the China! We look forword to visiting more cities in China in the future!

Mr.Jackie Bottum, USA, 2013-01-18

Hi, Jenny, just want to tell you how much I've enjoyed my trip to Beijing and the services you've provided were part of this success.

The guide is knowledgable, speak good english and he is very dedicated in making my trip enjoyable. The drivers were perfect and safe as well. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends in the future. Thanks again.

Mr.Daniel Tompson, USA, 2013-01-09

I am writing to express our gratefulness for Beijingholiday's wonderful service. My wife and I came to this great capital in November. It's quite chilly outdoor, however, our responsible and loyal tour guide makes me feel warm and comfortable. Great architectures and Beijing Opera really impressed us a lot. Thanks again for your considerate service.

Mr. Dr. Werner Brirnstiel, Germany, 2009-12-14

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