What Our Travelers Say

What Our Travelers Say

Still deciding if a TourBeijing.com is for you? Many of our travellers have experienced a lifetime changing trip and now more than happy to share their stories with you. Check out their memorable travel trip reviews and experiences in Beijing and China.

My  wife and I visited the China  last year. Although we've been waiting to travel to China for a long time, it was a  sudden decision to visit the country last year. A Chinese friend of us invited  us to his wedding. Getting our visa expedited at a visa service in Houston, we started our trip to China. My friend showed us around Beijing. It was so great  to see the Great Wall of China! Our journey to  Guilin was  handled by TourBeijing.com Ltd.. Their service is good.

Robert M. Raitt, Washington, USA, 2007-12-11

China is beautiful and fascinating! Our tour  visited Beijing with sights including the Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square  and Temple of Heaven, Badaling at the Great Wall of China, the terracotta  warriors at Xian, a four day cruise along the River Yangste and Yangste Gorges,  as well as Shanghai, including silk and jade factories, a Chinese school and a  Chinese theatre and museums.

Martin Godbout, Hudson, Canada, 2007-12-07

It took me more than two long holidays in China to experience all the aspects of this vast and diverse country, which teems with billions of people and is bursting with awesome sights. From the legendary “Silk Road” and the remote monasteries in the highlands of Tibet to the bewildering Forbidden City at Beijing, the wonder of the Great Wall, the ranks of Terracotta Warriors at X’ian, and the intriguing streets of Shanghai, The People’s Republic of China is one of the world’s most spectacular destinations. I really enjoyed the trip last year with TourBeijing.com.

Beryl Kean, Wellington, New Zealand, 2007-11-23

Rising early the next morning and under a bitterly cold, crystal blue sky, we headed off in a crammed green and yellow taxi to explore Beijing. The Forbidden City, also known as the Imperial Palace is a structure of buildings located in the center of Beijing, last serving in its role as the center of the Chinese empire in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (The Qing was the last of the imperial dynasties in China, ending in 1912). The enclave of buildings that make up the Forbidden City is comprised of more than 800 buildings and I am told it is the largest collection of wooden preserved buildings in the world—-and its huge. Its name is derived from the fact that during the dynasty rule, only the emperor and his family were allowed inside—this rule has since been relaxed and the Forbidden City now serves as one of the most visited and famous landmarks in all of China. Across the street is Tiananmen Square, most famous in the west for the events of 1989, but also the site of many famous happenings in Beijing history.

Paul Jacobs, New York, USA, 2007-11-21

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