What Our Travelers Say

What Our Travelers Say

Still deciding if a TourBeijing.com is for you? Many of our travellers have experienced a lifetime changing trip and now more than happy to share their stories with you. Check out their memorable travel trip reviews and experiences in Beijing and China.

Thank you very much for a terrific tour of your fine city. We had a wonderful time with Beijingholiday. Our guide was great, always on time, happy and knowledgeable. We saw all the great attractions and highlights in Beijing. Our hotels were spacious and comfortable. We will be glad to come to Beijing with your company again.

Mrs. Liana Kang-Shcmitz & Mrs. Uta Reich, USA, 2009-10-30

For us, Beijing is the first city of this trip to China. We, 12 persons, arrived at Beijing in the morning of the 20th of October, 2009; we were very glad and lucky to be received by Max Yang, a very gentleman-like tour guide from TourBeijing. He took us to hike on Badaling Great Wall and visit Ming Tombs and so on, although hiking on the great wall is very tired, we all felt very excited. The old saying says, "One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero"but each of us is proud of being a true man, because we got to the top, Hah! In one word, traveling in Beijing brings us many unforgettable memories. So, here, I shared my feelings on behalf of the others. And thank you very much again for your good service.

Regina Danielmeyer, Germany, 2009-10-20

I am writing to express our great thanks for your excellent service. My husband and I took a trip in Beijing with you in September. Although it is the first time for us to travel with your company, we think your service is very professional. The sceneries you arranged for us are attractive and your tour guides and drivers are very warm-hearted and considerate. The international hotel is also very comfortable to stay, too. Traveling with your company, we feel very enjoyable and need to worry nothing.

Mr.Brehm Herbert, Scotland, 2009-09-25

Thanks you for booking such a lovely trip to China. Everything went smoothly, with good hotels, good food, good guides and drivers. Your team did a great job. I need one thing. Please provide me with the airline ticket numbers (16 digit), booking class, and seat numbers for two of my children. Again here are my many thanks and best wishes.

Joel Bleicher, Pretoria, South Africa, 2008-07-12

Thank you for all the arrangements you made for our tour in China, it all went very well but for one place. All the hotels were very good - both in their quality as well for location. The only exception was the hotel in Guilin, it was definitely not of the same category as the other hotels. A resort hotel, built in more then one level should have an elevator - this one does not have and the rooms are far from the category of the other hotels we stayed in during the rest of the tour.

Pablo Komorowsky, Bath, UK, 2008-05-07

Your company was the first company I have ever used that offered travel packages that cater to small groups and in my case for ONE person and I can not tell you how GREAT that was for me. I've been traveling around the world on my own lately but I was afraid to tackle China by myself and if I had not seen your website I still may not have made it to China. You really put together the BEST itinerary for me to see the most of China in two weeks. ALL the travel arrangements, flights, hotels, meals, etc. were GREAT. (And the fact that - I - didn't have to make the arrangements myself was a major plus) I could not have asked for anything else. ALL your travel guides were Intelligent, Professional, and knowledgeable and believe me when I say they define: Customer Service!!!! And I have to tell you Michael, I was soooooooo thankful that you assigned Jeff to be the FIRST person I met in China.

Susan Laws, Liverpool, UK, 2008-04-26

We flew in over Beijing at around 9:30pm on New Year's Eve and the view was astounding. As far as we could see there were fireworks exploding EVERYWHERE! We were able to watch the festivities from the balcony at our hostel once we arrived. At midnight there were fireworks exploding every couple hundred feet on every block everywhere in Beijing. By fireworks we don't mean bottle rockets, we mean the giant exploding flowers and mortars they use in the professional shows in the US. Here, everybody can buy those same fireworks from the street vendors. It was absolutely amazing!

Ralph A. Drees, Queenstown, New Zealand, 2008-03-03

We started our ride around the new, amazing National Theater building. We circled it and admired its egglike profile. It looks like a huge button, or a shiny smooth humbao. Then we made our way back towards Tienmen square and once again rode slowly and with confidence in an even larger bikelane, designed to hold thousands of cyclists at once. We passed the two biggest sights in modern day communism, Tienmen Square and Mao’s huge portrait. They seemed jovial and fun from the back of a bike made for cruising. Mao seemed to be grinning his approval at us as we passed. We rode back through the narrow lanes of more hutongs, admiring the familial energy emanating from open doorways and smells of cooking dinner sizzling through dark, noisy little windows. The setting sun cast the grey allys with golden light. The trees above were filled with birdsong and rustling breeze. We realized, somewhere on the ride back, that we might actually come to love Beijing"

Robert A. Barton, Los Angeles, USA, 2008-02-29

"We felt like royalty in a city built for bikes, the People's transport" "In the afternoon we enjoyed the amazing weather (it had rained mysteriously heavily the entire day and night before) by renting bikes and rolling with ease through ancient hutongs (the famous 'narrow alley' neighborhoods in Beijing) and around landmark towers, past sparkling lakes and bustling lakefront markets. We cruised through crowded backstreets and on the wide open bike lanes of Beijing's main streets. We rode by the moats of the Forbidden City and under the overhanging branches of the surrounding tree lined streets...

Darryl Martin, Clark County, USA, 2008-02-07

After  a bike around Hou Hai and Qian Hai (cute little lake area with shops, bars and  restaurants around the waterfront) we enter Beihai park where the 9 dragon  screen turns out to have a bonus 9 extra dragons on the back side. Finally we  make it down to Tiananmen Square and our first stop was the Forbidden   City. Besides the obvious beauty (amazing imperial architecture)  and historical importance (24 emperors ruled from its confines for almost 500  years), the names of the various halls and palaces were the best part. Clearly  the name 'Forbidden City' in itself invokes a lot to think about, but once  inside this garden of Eden you can find yourself walking through the Halls of  Supreme Harmony, Mental Cultivation, Imperial Peace, and Union or entering the  Palaces of Heavenly Purity, Earthly Tranquility, Eternal Harmony, Abstinence  (an odd one I thought...), or Peaceful Longevity. Regardless of where in the Forbidden City you find or lose yourself, the one  constant is the awe the place leaves you in.

Mike Danko, Chicago, USA, 2008-01-05

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