Tenor Jose Carreras ready for operatic return

GUANGZHOU, Dec. 28 — Ahead of a recital in the southern city of Guangzhou, Spanish tenor Jose Carreras said he was looking forward to appearing again on the opera stage in April in Bilbao, Spain.
“I like to go for new challenges,” the tenor told Xinhua. “And I do it with determination.”
It has been 11 years since his last appearance in an opera, Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari’s Sly in 2002. In 2009 Carreras declared his opera career “done”, unless “the right circumstances come up.”
The right circumstance will come up in four months.
“I’ll do my new opera next year in Spain, in St Petersburg, in Austria, and in America as well,” he said at the post-modern riverside opera house in Guangzhou.
Carreras will be cast in a new piece named El Juez, by Christian Kolonovits. It is after a story by Angelika Messner, about stolen children under Franco’s rule in the first half of the 20th century in Spain.
His fans will be delighted as will most opera lovers.
Hundreds of millions of people watched the “Three Tenors” perform on the eve of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, which together with their recordings and concert tours opened up opera to a larger audience worldwide.
“People who are not familiar with classical music or opera got some interest in this kind of music,” the Spaniard recalled. “I think this is the most positive thing our concerts have brought.”
The 67-year-old believes that his voice is unchanged. “I’m years older than I was before, but it’s the same voice somehow.”
“But we sing not with the voice. The voice is just the instrument, the vehicle. We sing with the emotions, with our soul, and the soul produces everything,” he added.
The timeless voice has also stood the test of disease — Carreras was diagnosed with leukemia in 1987.
“I was suffering from leukemia 26 years ago, and I was lucky enough to win the battle. I received so many proofs of affection of solidarity, generosity of people that I felt very much in debt to society and of course very much in debt to the scientific community as well.”
He established a foundation to support others suffering from the same disease and has been its voice ever since — the unforgettable World Cup show raised funds for his foundation.
Carreras released a new album 25-Meraviglioso on Dec. 6, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the foundation. “We’ve done an excellent job, but it’s never enough, because there are still some people suffering from leukemia.”
“Everything I do is because I feel like doing it,” he said when being asked about his future plans. “I have the possibility to express myself on stage, to bring this emotion forward to people. I do it because I enjoy doing it.”[db:内容2]

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