Gaokao gets accepted by overseas universities

International horizons have opened up for students sitting the national college entrance exam as an increasing number of overseas universities accept the exam’s scores, according to educational analysts. Millions of Chinese students sit the exam, also known as gaokao, every year but only a select few enter the top domestic universities.

Aussie students selected to study in Asia under New Colombo Plan

More than 300 undergraduate students from 24 universities across Australia will soon set off to study abroad in the Indo-Pacific region under the Australian government’s 100 million AU dollar (90.5 billion U.S. dollar) New Colombo Plan. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Education Minister Christopher Pyne and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs Senator Brett Mason announced Wednesday that 24 universities have been successful in their applications for New Colombo Plan mobility grants to support students commencing study programs in semester 1, 2014.

More tests mean less cramming

Students attend a cram school in Beijing’s Changping district. Pressure to pass the college entrance exam,which is held once a year,may be relieved in the wake of reform proposed by the Ministry of Education that allows some subjects to be tested more than once a year. They spend a year at the school,preparing for next year’s gaokao o. They recruit 6000 to 10000 students each year,accounting for 10 or more percent of all students taking the gaokao in the city.

Saudi schools permit students with expired visas

The ministry says this move protects children’s education rights,allowing students whose resident permits expired a few months before the beginning of the academic year to join school. According to official figures more than 5.3 million workers living in the country illegally corrected their status during the amnesty period including 1.5 million who changed their sponsors.