More tests mean less cramming

Students attend a cram school in Beijing’s Changping district. Pressure to pass the college entrance exam,which is held once a year,may be relieved in the wake of reform proposed by the Ministry of Education that allows some subjects to be tested more than once a year. They spend a year at the school,preparing for next year’s gaokao o. They recruit 6000 to 10000 students each year,accounting for 10 or more percent of all students taking the gaokao in the city.

International classes face testing questions

As opposed to international schools in China,which are for students with foreign passports and are fluent in English,international classes are run at public high schools for Chinese students s. They are designed to cater to the growing demand to study abroad。 Xiang Enhao studied at the international class at Chongqing No 1 but transferred after one semester r.

Relentless training key to safe school bus riding in Huston

Before students began their school year in September,drivers of the big yellow school buses attended classes for days to brush up on their driving skills and safety knowledge e. Also this year,state troopers are riding behind school buses to make sure drivers know to stop if they see a bus’red stop lights on n. The big differences are that a barrel racer doesn’t have to back up without hitting anything or work together with bus lifts to accommodate wheelchairs s.

Feature: Chinese school in Egypt bridges mutual relations

8()–An Egyptian school,established by the Chinese as a gift,has boosted interest among Egyptians in China’s culture and educational model l. Ahmed Abdel Ghani,a student in secondary school,said that many parents became intrigued by the Chinese culture and asked the school to teach Chinese as the second language instead of English h. Dollar worth of tools and equipment,said the school’s headmaster Sabry Nabawi i.