College recruitment dissatisfies Chinese

A survey on Tuesday revealed Chinese people are dissatisfied with the country’s college recruitment system,with many saying they know people who have benefitted from recruitment corruption n. According to the survey,conducted by the China Youth Daily among 18272 people,more than 90 percent of people believe severe corruption exists in university recruitment and 87.7 percent of respondents stated that they know people who have entered universities through bribery y.

Tujia traces origin to “white tiger” of lore

White tiger worship is quite significant among the group as they call themselves“Offspring of the White Tiger. He gained respect and esteem of his people and he turned into a white tiger after his death h. Statues of white tigers can still be found in homes of most Tujia families as a protector. And the white tiger worship also can be seen in their wedding decorations and traditional dances s. Baishou dance is done in a traditional collective performance that Tujia people often present on festivals like at the new year r. It is also a good opportunity for young people to make friends and find love.

China’s smallest ethic group seeks new future in Himalayas

A two-story white building with log cabins beside it is the home of villager Penba. All 176 villagers in Qionglin Village are covered by the national medical care system. Gesang,chief of the county publicity office and the first Lhoba university graduate,believes that tourism has aroused the Lhoba people’s awareness of passing on their culture and preserving the ecological environment t. Gesang has completed almost three years of field research and published a book on the development of Lhoba culture e.