Feature: Foodcentered Milan Expo 2015 to be “visitor oriented”

Speaking at the opening of the three-day International Tourism Exchange(Bit)that runs until Saturday in Milan,the General Manager of Expo Milan Event Management Division Piero Galli said 20 million visitors were expected,with 6-8 million people coming from abroad d. Both the site’s structure and activities were based on a path to the full spectrum of visitors’well-being,he noted d. A series of innovative elements,he added,will target different types of visitors in search of something new w. Thematic itineraries will represent another novelty,with theme routes allowing visitors create their own customized journey at the Expo o. Italy’s public sector will invest 1.3 billion euros(1.7 billion U.

Feature: Fantasy improves sober elegance at Milan Woman’s Fashion Week

19-25 preferred a sober though fantasy closet meant to fascinate in to the real existence throughout the following summery season n. It had been Gucci’s parade of colored tunics-t shirts and ruffle pants accessorized by skinny high-heeled cage sandals and costume jewellery to spread out the seven-day show last Wednesday having a naturally sophisticated look k. The Armani lady came back to wash silhouettes and warm colors targeted for the way of