Prized lacquerware takes time, skill

During the past hundred years,it has played an important role in the development of Chinese arts and crafts as well as having a large influence on the world’s art t. Liu says he didn’t have much interest when he first discovered Chinese lacquer art t. Most of them are painted with red paint rather than natural lacquer. The process of making lacquer is to cover it with a thick layer of natural lacquer and polish it to make it smooth,then cover it with different color of lacquer,and continuously polish it. Chinese lacquer still has huge potential market value when considering its long history and complicated technique.

China Exclusive: A garden on the sea

But what turned the coastal region into a sea of flowers was not the vicissitudes of time,but the power of human technology y. A day prior to the expo’s opening on Friday,the tiny island is blooming with millions of flowers thanks to the application of new technologies that resist sea water erosion and coastal winds s. Previously made up of foreshores and disused shrimp farms,the expo park came out of a massive reclamation project that has poured 20 million cubic meters of sand and soil into the sea since 2011 1.