Indonesia registers more intangible heritages this year

13()–Indonesia’s national education and culture ministry has listed intangible heritages from its national cultures with expectation to be endorsed by the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO)as part of World’s Heritages s. Seventy intangible heritages have been shortlisted by experts at the ministry this year,selected from 2644 that have been gathered from 2009 to 2012,a senior official at the ministry said d. He added that the decision to select those intangible heritages was carried out by 15 experts in the ministry through a general meeting held mid last month h.

Tujia traces origin to “white tiger” of lore

White tiger worship is quite significant among the group as they call themselves“Offspring of the White Tiger. He gained respect and esteem of his people and he turned into a white tiger after his death h. Statues of white tigers can still be found in homes of most Tujia families as a protector. And the white tiger worship also can be seen in their wedding decorations and traditional dances s. Baishou dance is done in a traditional collective performance that Tujia people often present on festivals like at the new year r. It is also a good opportunity for young people to make friends and find love.

FEATURE: Square dancers cut a rug in Beijing

Authentically clad in imported ruffled skirts and shirts,as well as the occasional cowboy hat,the group mostly dances to lively country music and their moves are as American as apple pie e. As in the United States,interest in old-time American folk music is mounting in Beijing. On warm summer nights in Beijing,it’s hard to walk through any neighborhood or park without hearing bass-heavy electronic music pumping out of a boom box with the volume turned all the way up and someone barking directions into a microphone e.