Westernstyle building in Forbidden City under repair

BEIJING, Dec. 24 — The only Western-style building in China’s Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, a vast former imperial palace, will undergo an 18-month renovation, the museum’s curator has said. Built in 1915, the Baoyun Building is the only Western-style compound area and encompasses three two-story buildings […]

South Asian cultural experts exchange ideas on preservation of cultural heritages

Minister of Culture,Tourism and Civil Aviation,Ram Kumar Shrestha said that the problem of illicit trafficking of cultural properties is a greater threat for Nepal as well as to other nations and the gathering would support to find out ways to fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural heritage e.

Removing English from Gaokao shows cultural confidence

According to The Beijing News, the Ministry of Education said on its official website that parts of the reform and enrollment plan for gaokao, the national college entrance examination, have been made. The overall plan and the reform plan for gaokao will be introduced in the first half of next year. Most interestingly, English will not be a gaokao subject in the future. Instead, students can take English tests more than once each year. “Whether considering the world trend or personal development, the situation that foreign language is just as important as Chinese and math needs to be changed.”