Dad, where are you?

For both Carl Gu and his two-year-old daughter Cindy,it was a disaster when mother went on a business trip two weeks ago. Five celebrity dads from different fields and their children spent a couple of days away from home and away from mother,often visiting a village or unknown town. Seldom are fingers pointed at men who play little part in a child’s education n. Work pressure was cited as the major reason for fathers’absence in child rearing,while traditional values—it’s not men’s work—ranked second d. Then a habit develops:The mother takes care of everything,while the father puts his hands in his sleeves s.

Teachers: nohomework rule fails kids

24(net)–Local teachers have given a zero grade to a draft rule which proposes schools stop giving pupils written homework in order to lower study stress s. The trend toward extra classes has emerged where schools and parents are pushing children to get into top middle schools s. The ministry is soliciting public opinion on the draft until August 29 9.It is not known when the rules will take effect t.

Drama Rainbow: Creative discovery for kids

Children enjoy playing on the stage after the theater drama The Box Room performed at the National Theater of China in June. The classroom plays provide more exercise to prepare children for real life e. (Photo source:China Daily)?British origin The young CEO,who earned a master’s degree in management from Coventry University in Britain after an MBA at Beijing Jiaotong University,was well adjusted to China’s exam-driven educational system m. Yet the beneficiary of that education began to reflect on the system when she noticed the education of her friend’s five-year-old son during her stay in Britain n.

World Breastfeeding Week celebrated in Brunei

It is also to provide opportunities for mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding not only to enhance the child’s health and generate mental alertness in the child but to also enhance happiness and harmony as well as the well-being of the family,the minister added d. YB Pehin Dato Hj Adanan also called on all stakeholders to cooperate with the government in promoting breastfeeding awareness and its practice by providing facilities for mothers to breastfeed in a conducive environment.