Beijing Hutongs & Siheyuan

Beijing Hutongs 5 star
real culture of Beijing is the culture of hutong and courtyard, typical Beijing alley or lane, a glimpse into Beijing's yesterday and today

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Beihai Park Beijing

Beihai Park Beijing 5 star
oldest classic Chinese imperial garden, a place to cool down and relax in summer and the biggest skating rinks in winter, close to the Forbidden City

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Beijing Azure Clouds Temple

Beijing Azure Clouds Temple Tour/Biyun Temple5 star
a Buddhist temple famous for fine scenery, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the Arhats Hall, the Vajrasana Pagoda

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Beijing Confucius Temple

Beijing Confucius Temple Tour5 star
the second largest Confucian Temple in China after the one in Qufu City, built to pay respects to Confucius, also houses part of the art collection of the Capital Museum, near the Imperial Academy

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Beijing Wofo Temple

Beijing Wofo Temple Tour5 star
a Buddhist Temple, one of the well-known temples in Beijing, famous for the bronze recumbent Buddha inside the Temple

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