SuZhou Street in Beijing

SuZhou Street in Beijing

Yes! as contrary Beijing known for its outstanding museums, parks, gardens, architectural wonders, and historical sites, but the memorable part of your trip to Beijing is never completed without tasting food from Suzhou Street.

SuZhou Street
Suzhou street (Suzhou Jie) in Beijing

The restaurants found here can sometimes be polar opposite to each other, some being posh and expensive while others are very casual “hole-in-the walls.” Resturants on Suzhou Jie have everything for a perfect lunch or dinner from some of Beijing’s finest chefs.And also for dessert to satisfy your hunger then Haidian Book City and Zhongguancuun Book Building is the best place to go.

Location: Suzhou Street is located inside the Summer Palace.

How to get to Su Zhou Street in Beijing

Take Bus 26, 302,394 to Beijing Dizhenju ot 725, 386, 304 to Haidian Nanlu, then walk to you final destination.

Some Famous Restaurant on Suzhou Street 

Jinbaiwan: Best place for Sichuan cuisine. They operate between 10:30-10:30pm

Location: New the Haidian Book City


Meilu Village: Open between the hours of 11 am -10pm, they purposely serve Jiangxi cuisine

Location: Opposite Digital China Building


Paradise Island: They offer dishes cooked from an organic produce which are healthy, nutritious and extremely tasty. Operating hour, from 10:00am-1:00am

Location: 200 m west of Suzhou Qiao


Weilan Western Restaurant: For a special evening take your love ones to Weilan restaurant to taste one of their western style dishes.

Location: No.15 Wanguanhe Lu, Suzhou Qiao


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