Stay healthy this autumn with these food tips

BEIJING, Dec. 1 — In China, autumn covers three months from September through November and six solar terms.
During the season, the heat of summer gradually fades and people start to keep a calm and peaceful mood. The beautiful view and conformable weather of autumn improve one’s eating and sleeping habits, helping people get in better spirits.
But one may easily get tired, feel dry and put weight in the season as the body may have consumed too much in the summer or due to other reasons.
As a result, one should pay close attention to maintaining health in autumn.
First of all, one should exercise regularly such as taking a walk or hike. However, people should avoid strenuous exercise to start.
People need to build up the intensity of their workouts slowly to avoid fatigue.
Second, the proper amount of sleep is important. Going to bed early and getting up early is recommended.
Third, eat more foods rich in vitamins such as carrots, pears, honey, sesame and others.
Foods with protein and calcium, such as fish and other seafood, are also recommended.
Fourth, foods with a small amount of caffeine can give you a boost when needed.
Fifth, eat less spicy food and more tart-tasting foods like apples, pomegranates, grapes and others.
In autumn there is less rainfall. Humidity also drops and the weather is usually dry. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the dry weather may damage the lungs, leading to coughs or even hair falling out. As a result, preventing dryness is important.
During the autumn, one should drink enough water and eat more pears, apples, grapes, bananas and vegetables.
As the days get cooler, one may eat more than before and sleep more comfortably, which can lead to weight gain. Thus, lower calorie foods like red beans, kelp and radish are recommended in the season. It is also highly recommended that one should travel at this time of year to stay in a good mood.

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