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China Nature & Landscape Tours

China Landscape Tours, China Natural Scenery Tours

With the large territory, China is full of beautiful natural scenery on earth. Our Scenic tours will introduce you to the enchanting world of China where you will be captivated by picturesque landscapes. You will be a part of the marvelous painting as cruising through Li River, witness the power of nature while hiking Mt. Huang...and enjoy the seamless blend of ancient man-made wonders and amazing natural beauty in China.

Jiuzhaigou & Honglong Valley: Indulge in the crystal fairyland

Jiuzhaigou Valley & Hong Long
Jiuzhaigou, also known as the Nine Villages Valley, is a legendary natural wonder with fascinating stair-step waterfalls, multicolored lakes, thcik forest with various wildlife, and surrounding snow-capped mountains. In the nearby Honglong Valley, you will not only enjoy the beauty of paradise, but also experience the local Tibetan culture.
View sample tours:
5 Days Jiuzhai Valley & Huanglong Valley Tour from $1249
13 Days Jiuzhaigou Valley and Mt. Huangshan Tourfrom $3302

Guilin & Yangshuo: Marvel at the finest scene under Heaven

Guilin Landscapes Tours
Guilin, The most scenic city in China, offers you a chance to get up close with the glamorous world of dramatic hills, crystal rivers and peaceful countryside. You can explore the natural beauty of this pictuesque place by cruising, hiking or cycling. Just seeing different scenery from different angles.
View sample tours:
7 Days Luxury Beijing Guilin Highlights Tourfrom $1034
12 Days Guilin & Mt.Emei Nature Tourfrom $2115
5 Days Guilin Yangshuo & Longji Minority Tour from $570
5 Days Guilin Tour with Yangshuo Cycling Explorationfrom $768

Mt.Yellow: The marvelous beauty that only nature can create

Yellow Mountain Tour
Yellow Mountain (Huang Shan), famous for the high mountains, ancient pines, grotesque rocks and seas of clouds, is like a piece of traditional Chinese painting. No matter you are an avid hiker, a nature lover or a photographer, you will be satisfied and stunned by the breathtaking landscapes of Mt.Huang. Also, the nearby ancient villages will offer you another elegent beauty of China.
View sample tours:
12 Days China Highlights & Mount Huang Explore Tourfrom $2251
13 Days Jiuzhaigou Valley and Mt. Huangshan Tourfrom $3302

Zhangjiajie: the paradise for every avid hiker and nature lover

Zhangjiajie Tours
Zhangjiajie, located in Hunan Province, is the paradise for avid hikers and nature lovers to explore the surreal scene of the dramatic mountains, caves and forests. In Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, you will enjoy the china's most famed landscape, explore the wildlife, and experience the local ethnic cultures.
View sample tours:
11 Days Zhangjiajie Tour with Beijing and Shanghaifrom $1932
5 Days Avatar's Floating Mountain Tourfrom $1388
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