Saudi schools permit students with expired visas

RIYADH, Dec. 11 — Saudi Arabia’s education ministry has granted expatriate students with expired visas full education rights for the remainder of the year, notifying school administrators not to prevent non-Saudis from completing their exams or receiving certificates, Okaz newspaper reported Wednesday.
The ministry says this move protects children’s education rights, allowing students whose resident permits expired a few months before the beginning of the academic year to join school. Under the decision, schools should continue to allow students with expired permits to receive education services and parents should be advised to correct the status for the following year or risk losing reenrollment rights.
The decision comes after the government ended its amnesty period for non-documented foreigners last month, which led many expatriates to change their jobs or sponsors, as well as to the deportation of thousands after the authorities’ round-up of workers resulted in clashes.
Processing paperwork to issue or renew resident permits in Saudi Arabia usually takes time, and although the amnesty period is over, the labor ministry said that those living in the country illegally can still correct their situation by paying fines.
According to official figures more than 5.3 million workers living in the country illegally corrected their status during the amnesty period including 1.5 million who changed their sponsors. Al-Eqtisadiya newspapers report that foreign workers represent nearly one third of the labor market.
Saudi Arabia spent 322 bln USD on education in past decade: report
RIYADH, Jan. 8 — Saudi Arabia has spent around 322 billion U.S. dollars in the last decade on education, Al Eqtisadiya newspaper reported on Tuesday.
The expenditures were on university education, technical and vocational training, and the construction of university cities.  Full story[db:内容2]

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