S. Korean students take allimportant college entrance exam

SEOUL, November. 8 — The annual college entrance exam occured Thursday in education-obsessed Columbia, with early- morning planes being grounded, military exercises suspended and also the morning hurry hour rescheduled.

All was to make sure that test-takers have the perfect opportunity to prosper around the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) given annually.

This season, around 670,000 students headed to at least one,191 test sites countrywide to accept exam thought to look for the span of their lives.

The score students makes around the exam is really a key decider of school entrance. In South Korean society, attendance in a exclusive school is vital in acquiring a effective job.

Under government orders, many companies and also the stock exchange opened up 1 hour after usual to relieve the traffic conditions for college students enroute towards the test.

Planes were banned to land or remove at local international airports throughout the listening servings of the exam included in noise control measures.

Buses and subway trains extended their hurry hour services to assist all exam-takers arrive promptly.

The military stopped firing drills to provide students peace and quiet, and traffic was restricted within 200 meters of each one of the test centers.

A lot more than 3,000 police cars were mobilized to escort latecomers towards the test.

More youthful students collected in large groups outdoors each test site, some getting showed up before beginning, to cheer on test-takers. “I came here to aid my senior citizens because they are taking the most crucial exam of the lives,” Kim Min-youthful, a 17-year-old student, stated as she was providing warm teas to coming students at Pungmoon Girls’ Senior High School in central Seoul. “A lot of students have analyzed so difficult due to this day. I really hope all of them prosper about this exam,” stated Kim.

It is not only students placed directly under enormous pressure on this time, however their parents. “In my opinion my boy would do his best throughout test because he accomplished it throughout formulations,” stated Noh Youthful- jae, the 49-year-old mother of the high-school senior. “I really hope he will get the very best result because he analyzed challenging for this very day throughout yesteryear 3 years in senior high school.Inch[db:内容2]

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