Removing English from Gaokao shows cultural confidence

— According to The Beijing News, the Ministry of Education said on its official website that parts of the reform and enrollment plan for gaokao, the national college entrance examination, have been made. The overall plan and the reform plan for gaokao will be introduced in the first half of next year. Most interestingly, English will not be a gaokao subject in the future. Instead, students can take English tests more than once each year. “Whether considering the world trend or personal development, the situation that foreign language is just as important as Chinese and math needs to be changed.”
In the reform of examination and enrollment, most people will focus on removing foreign language courses from gaokao. Chinese, Mathematics, English are always the most important three courses for secondary education. While whether a foreign language should be given the same position as Chinese is becoming a controversial topic in recent years. Especially after the annual sessions of the National People’s Congress –Examination scores will no longer be the only standard for evaluating students in the future, with the education authority planning to soon release a series of reform policies for public opinion.  Full story[db:内容2]

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