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Top Private Beijing Tour Packages
  • Go any day you want
  • Flexibility: travel at your pace
  • Personal guide & vehicle
  • Takes care of all details --

hotels, all services, sightseeing...

Top Private Beijing Tour Packages

Seeking for a Beijing vacation brimming with options, flexibility and truly authentic experiences? Come and check our classic Beijing private tour packages!

It is the best way to explore Beijing! You (you, your loved one, friends or family) will travel at your own pace, with a personal guide speaking in your language and private vehicle. Hotels, transfers, sightseeing…all services are all inclusive. With a flexible itinerary, you are able to relax anytime, anywhere.

Have we mentioned it is affordable? Our vacation packages are at very reasonable prices. The earlier you book, the more you’ll save.

NO.1from $202Beijing Short City Break (2 Days)

2 Days Beijing City Break/ Beijing Stopover Trip

Never waste any minute to enjoy the best of Beijing!

A great choice to explore the best of the city for 2 days break or stopover in Beijing

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Safe and comfortable airport transfer;
  2. Discover the most famous attractions in Beijing-Tianmen,Forbidden City and Great Wall;
  3. Great tour with big saving of both money and time.
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NO.2from $290Beijing Essence City Break (3 Days)

3 Days Beijing Essence City Break

our best value tour

A golden route for you to discover the secrets of this ancient capital.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Safe and comfortable airport transfer;
  2. Visit the essential attractions in Beijing City;
  3. Enjoy the featured authentic Peking Opera.
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NO.3from $327Classic Beijing Tour Package (4 Days)

4 Days Classic Beijing Tour Package

Our best value tour

Follow our top-rated itinerary to explore Beijing's past, present and future.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Visit "must-see" sightseeings in Bejing;
  2. Observe both the traditional and the morden architectures;
  3. Figure out the past, present and future of this Chinese cosmopolitan city.
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NO.4from $445Experience the Real Hutong Life (5 Days)

5 Days Experience the Real Traditional Hutong Life

Discover real traditional culture

A superb trip to explore the differences between imperial life and ordinary families with the visit to ancient palaces and traditonal Hutongs.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Visit "must-see" sightseeings in Bejing;
  2. Experience the real local's life;
  3. Enjoy a Hutong house-hosted lunch with a local family.
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NO.5from $598In-depth Great Wall Experience Tour (6 Days)

6 Days In-depth Great Wall Experience Tour

Ultimate the Great Wall sightseeing and experience

This In-depth Beijing tour combines different hiking experiences on both of the most beatiful section and the wildest one of the Great Wall.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. In-depth discovery in the essential highlights in Beijing;
  2. Adventurous hiking and exploration on the Great Wall(Mutianyu & Jinshanling Sections);
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NO.6from $679Beijing Side Trip to Chengde (7 Days)

7 Days Beijing Side Trip to Chengde

Extend to the Second imperial palace of ancient emperors!

A classic itinerary with an expedition to the emperor's second palace:Chengde Summer Resort.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Visit all must-sees in Beijing;
  2. Enjoy a royal canal cruise from Beijing to Chengde;
  3. Witness another imperial palace of ancient China.
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NO.7from $209Soul of Beijing Tour (2 Days)

2 Days Soul of Beijing Tour

perfect as a pre/post China trip

If you only have two days to visit Beijing, then this is the trip. The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, and Olympic Park are all included.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. See the best of Beijing with less money and time;
  2. Perfect as a pre/post China or international trip.
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NO.8from $326Beijing Essence Tour with Hutong (3 Days)

3 Days Beijing Essence Tour Package with Hutong Rickshaw

Find out traditional Beijing hutong's living

Specialized in the unique experience of the traditional life style in Hutong with a local family.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Visit "must-see" sightseeings in Bejing;
  2. Enjoy a Hutong Siheyuan house-hosted lunch.
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NO.9from $333Beijing Classic Tour Package with Hutong Rickshaw (4 Days)

4 Days Beijing Classic Tour Package with Hutong Rickshaw

Marvel at the contrast of Beijing's past and present

A classic taste of Beijing covering all the essentials and a special experience of taking Hutong Rickshaw.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Our most popular route for a city break;
  2. Visit "must-see" sightseeings in Bejing;
  3. Witness the daily life of local families in Hutong.
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NO.10from $419Beijing Highlights Tour with Great Wall Hiking (5 Days)

5 Days Beijing Highlights Tour Package with Great Wall Hiking

Amazing hiking experience on the Great Wall

A fantastic trip covering all the must-sees in Beijing with more free time for you.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Get an all-around impression of Beijing;
  2. Make your once-in-a-lifetime memory of hiking on the Great Wall;
  3. Experience the real local family life style and the folk culture.
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NO.11from $499Discover the Imperial & Confucius Education (6 Days)

6 Days Discover the Imperial College & Confucius Education

Learn more about the ancient education of China

This culture tour covers the unique study experience in the imperial college and chances to learn more about the great Confucius' moral education.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Explore the Beijing ancient imperial college;
  2. Get inspired by the great Confucius' Moral Education;
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NO.12from $564Beijing Eco-friendly & Green Adventure Tour (7 Days)

7 Days Beijing Eco-friendly & Green Adventure Tour

A eco-friendly journey to get close to the nature

This is a wonderful combination of the best of Beijing with an extended trio to the green side of this city.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. Eco-friendly andventure;
  2. Unveil the great side of Beijing: Botanical Garden and Fragrant Hill.
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NO.13from $753Ultimate Discovery at Extraodinary Value (8 Days)

8 Days Beijing Cultural and Historical Immersion Tour Package

Be immersed into the 5000-year Beijing culture and history

Follow our best-organised itinerary to explore the cultural and historical diversity of this time-honored capital city in greater depth.

    Why we recommend this tour

  1. A great historical and cultural Beijing tour with high value;
  2. Be immersed into the 5000-year Beijing culture and history.
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