Pristina university rector resigns amid student protests

PRISTINA, Feb. 8 — Rector of Pristina University Ibrahim Gashi stepped down on Saturday evening following two weeks’ protests by students asscuing him of faking teaching credentials.
“I’ve decided to resign by believing that in this way I can help the normalization of the situation around the rectorate,” Gashi told public broadcast RTK in a live evening interview.
“I’ve decided to resign after a constant pressure, even though sometimes a dishonest and with profound political implications by a group of students, a part of civil society and certain political groups,” said Gashi.
Protests against him erupted last week following local media reports that Gashi and dozens of other university staff published their research work in fictitious journals abroad, mainly in India, to falsify their teaching credentials.
Though the first week protests were generally peaceful, police units used tear gas and pepper spray last Thursday to disperse hundreds of students outside the offices of the dean of the university.
In a worse outcome on Friday, students clashed with police in front of the rectorate, in which 30 police and around 40 students got injured. Over 30 protesters and civil activists were arrested.
In an extraordinary meeting on Saturday evening, the Steering Committee of the university admitted Gashi’s resignation, and announced that will soon initiate the procedure for electing a new dean of the university.[db:内容2]

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