Play by French writer examines Malian crisis

BAMAKO, Feb. 5 — “Golden Head (Tete d’Or in French),” a play written by a French writer Paul Claudel and produced in Bamako by Jean-Claude Fall, is one of the clearest theatrical depictions of the Malian crisis.
Unknowingly, spectators can easily think it as a depiction of the tragedy Mali witnessed between January 2012 and September 2013, journalists who attended the first presentation said.
Golden Head is a story of a country devastated by a more powerful enemy. Coming out of the shadow, one man refuses defeat and fights to reconquer the kingdom.
However, the liberator quickly turns into a despot and a tyrant who orders women to remain in their homes and men to remain on the battlefield to conquer the whole world.
This eventually keeps the kingdom into a destructive war, like the one engaged in by jihads in northern Mali.
“In this work, I am simply asking people to be careful with the false heros who take people into endless chaos,” said Jean-Claude Fall.
The play, which will first be showcased in Mali, has used the country’s actors and actresses like Sidy Soumaoro, who is a leader of the best rap group in Mali, Tata Pound.
Fall said some scenes of the play were acted outside, making this the first time for him to screen scenes in the natural environment.
The project has been completed through collaboration with BlonBa, a Malian company renown for promotion of cultural affairs. It will be showcased to the Malian public between Feb. 5-8, 2014 at the Bamako Cultural Center.[db:内容2]

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