Photo exhibition launched to mark ChinaKenya relationship

NAIROBI, Dec. 16 — A photo exhibition was launched here on Monday to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Kenya.
The photo exhibition was hosted by the Xinhua News Agency Africa Regional Bureau and the Chinese Embassy and sponsored by the Shengli Africa Company of SINOPEC Construction Company.
Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Information and Communication Technologies, Fred Matiang’i, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Liu Guangyuan, Director of Xinhua News Agency Africa Regional Bureau, Yuan Bingzhong and general manager of Shengli Construction Company of Sinopec, Han Yudong cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.
More than 100 people attended the exhibition.
“Fifty years ago, on the second day of the founding of the Republic of Kenya, China and Kenya set up the diplomatic relations. Ever since then, China and Kenya have been good friends and the relationship becomes better and better day by day,” said Matiang’i.
He noted that the Chinese media has been consistent in promoting diplomatic relations between the Asian giant and Kenya.
“The photo exhibition tells many stories about this relationship. This wonderful relationship and the great ties that our two countries have can only get better,” Matiang’i told guests attending the launch of photo exhibition.
The 70 photos on display highlight a 50-year journey Kenya and China have walked together.
Matiang’i stressed that mass media has a critical role to play in cementing bilateral relations between Kenya and China.
“The photo exhibition is one good way to tell people and educate people to do something for our friendship with China,” Matiang’i intoned.
He added “pictures represent the best way to capture history. All over the world, crucial events, discoveries, stories and commemorations have been told through this wonderful tool.”
The Kenyan government appreciates China’s contribution to the country’s socio-economic transformation.
Matiang’i noted that China’s state owned enterprises have made a mark in the lives of Kenyans through job creation and corporate social responsibility.
He noted that China’s support towards infrastructure development alongside critical sectors like education, health and information technology has transformed the lives of Kenyans.
The governments of China and Kenya have revitalized bilateral cooperation to advance sustainable development.
The Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Liu Guangyuan stressed that Kenya and China are committed to the pursuit of peaceful development and shared prosperity.
“Our bilateral ties have come a long way and enjoyed perpetual renewal. This relationship is defined by fruitful achievements in various fields of mutual cooperation,” the Ambassador remarked.
He noted that the photos highlight mutual cooperation between Kenya and China in trade, educational, cultural and scientific fields.
The Chinese News Agency, Xinhua was among foreign media that set base in Kenya immediately the country gained independence.
The Director, Xinhua News Agency Africa Regional Bureau, Yuan Bingzhong, said that Chinese media outlets have adhered to doctrines of balance and objectivity in their coverage of Kenyan issues.
“Fifty years ago, Xinhua sent reporters to Kenya and currently we have nearly 30 reporters stationed in the country. We believe the news media has a responsibility to promote welfare of people,” Bingzhong remarked.
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