Permanent citizens, worldwide students to pay for more school costs from 2013

SINGAPORE, June 26 — Singapore’s Secretary of state for Education introduced Tuesday that students who’re permament citizens and worldwide students pays more school costs both in government and government-assisted schools since next The month of january.

In perticular, school charge for permament citizens will discover a rise of fifty-80 Singapore dollars (39-62.5 U.S. dollars) to 90-160 Singapore dollars (70.3-125 U.S. dollars) monthly, while worldwide student pays another 115-250 Singapore dollars ( 89.8-195.3 U.S. dollars) for school bill every month.

This means a Chinese student using for study in Singapore pays 500, 650 and 1000 Singapore dollars (390.6, 507.8 and 781.2 U. S. dollars) correspondingly for primary school, school and pre-college school each month.

The revision of faculty fee is goal to help differentiate costs by citizenship, the ministry stated inside a statement.

The ministry also introduced the monthly standard miscellaneous costs covering a lot of students increases by 1 Singapore dollars (. 78 U.S. dollars) at primary level, 2 Singapore dollars (1.56 U.S. dollars)at secondary level and a pair of.50 Singapore dollars (1.95 U.S. dollars) at Pre-College level from next The month of january.

Singaopore has lately run various measures to curb its immigrant increase to be able to ensure its citizens’ privileges in schooling and employment. Worldwide students graduation in the city-state’s college also fight to look for a job here.[db:内容2]

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