Note from New Zealand: Hobbit locations are real

New Zealand unveils a giant multimedia “book”, The Book of New Zealand, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California, on Dec 2, 2013. — Movie locations used in the blockbuster trilogy The Hobbit, are real, not computer-generated. And to prove it, New Zealand recently unveiled a giant multimedia “book” at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California.
The idea is to use a pop-up book motif to illustrate the country’s significance in the production of the movies.
The Book of New Zealand, as the exhibit is called, shows audiences that all those picturesque Hobbit backgrounds actually exist in the country.
With a height of 15 meters and weighing about 30 metric tons, the huge open book covers an area nearly the size of two tennis courts.
Materials for the installation were transported from Auckland to Los Angeles, and several months were required to complete the construction.
The Book of New Zealand presents four filming locations and four actual film sets from the highly anticipated movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which premiered in the United States on Dec 13.
The film sets are Hidden Bay [db:内容2]

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