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China launches pilot university placement courses

BEIJING, March 18 — A pilot project to improve placement courses in around 100 high schools nationwide began on Tuesday. Dai Jiagan, deputy director of the Chinese Society of Education (CSE), said the Chinese Advance Placement courses (CAP) will give more choice to gifted and talented children. The courses cover […]

China Pavilion design for Milan Expo debuts

BEIJING, Feb. 27 — The design of the China Pavilion for the Milan Expo 2015 was publicized on Thursday. The architecture, shaped in the form of “rippling wheat,” will stretch for 4,590 square meters and the core exhibition concepts will be “heaven, the earth, humanity and harmony,” said Wang Jinzhen, […]

Beauty feet

Once mocked as the ‘girl who plays with stinky feet’, Lu Qin has upgraded the Chinese pedicure industry into part of the intangible heritage of ‘Yangzhou’s Three Knives’. China Daily reports. Just like Chinese acupuncture and traditional massage, pedicure has a long history in China, originating back in 3,000 BC.