New York festival opens with Chinese musical


File photo shows the musical collaboration “Monkey: Journey to the West”. The Lincoln Theater Festival opened on July 9 with “Monkey: Journey to the West”, a Chinese musical collaboration based on a classic Chinese folktale “Journey to the West” that dates back to 1592.

NEW YORK, July 9 — The Lincoln Theater Festival opened Tuesday with “Monkey: Journey to the West,” a Chinese musical collaboration.
“I love the show. It’s durable,” spectator Nancy Hobbs told Xinhua after the opening at Lincoln Center.
There will be 62 performances of the show by artists and ensembles from 10 countries over the next two weeks.
“The acrobatic spider lady impressed me most. She was quite amazing with her red ribbons, and the story is familiar,” Hobbs said. “It’s the same as I saw in the pictures the way that the monkey moves and everything.”
“Monkey: Journey to the West” is based on a classic Chinese folktale “Journey to the West” that dates back to 1592.
The current show was conceived, written and directed by Chen Shi-Zheng.
Over the course of a 100-minute, fantastical journey, the monk Tripitaka, travels from China to India. He faces many challenges while searching for sacred Buddhist scriptures.
The mischievous Monkey King leads Tripitaka and his animal protectors, including a pig and a horse, on a series of perilous and comic adventures.
Damon Albarn’s original and compelling score uses washes of electronic sounds, brass fanfare, electronic percussion, and Chinese pop melodies.
Chen Shi-Zheng’s thrilling vision transforms classic Chinese martial arts, circus acts and acrobatics. Together, the collaborators bring a dazzling, boundary-breaking approach to the timeless Chinese epic.
“Monkey: Journey to the West” premiered at the first Manchester International Festival in England in 2007.
It was later performed at the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, the Royal Opera House in London and at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, S.C.
The seven-piece Beijing-based Hanggai Band will also perform during the festival at Lincoln Center. The band features a unique mix of rock with drones, banjos, and throat-singing (a Mongolian technique in which the artist emits two different pitches at the same time).[db:内容2]

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