Most of China’s postgrad examinees seeking better jobs: survey

BEIJING, Jan. 5 — College graduates who’re taking postgraduate entrance exams do so largely simply because they desire better job possibilities, based on survey results launched on Saturday.

Laptop computer, completed by independent survey institution My China Occupation Abilities from November. 23 to 12 ,. 19, 2012, established that 34 percent of participants believe using the exams brings more promising career, while 29 percent are searching to review at greater-quality colleges.

You use 1.8 million individuals have applied to accept 2013 postgraduate education entrance exams, which began on Saturday.

In September 2012, the Secretary of state for Education vowed to consider a zero-tolerance method of cheating around the exams, promising efforts to curb cheating, including using metal sensors to avoid using mobile products.[db:内容2]

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