Living museum of beautiful woods

By Han Bingbin
BEIJING, Sept. 28 — Deep in the Beijing suburb of Shunyi is a tiny boutique hotel with a pedigreed collection that many museums would kill for. Yet, it is an establishment that actually has an extremely select client list — those who really appreciate antiques.
Guests at Lv Garden dine on red sandalwood tables intricately inlaid with mother-of-pearl, or sleep in antique alcove beds framed by rosewood carvings. They may lounge on rare antique sets of ebony viceroy chairs, or relax on a single deer-horn chair, previously reserved only for the highest Manchu nobility.
The best way to appreciate antique furniture is tactile. You have to look at the lustrous patina that can only come with age, admire the grains of wood solidly fused, and appreciate the workmanship that craftsmen of the past invested into each and every piece.
Lv Garden is more than a top-class retreat for those who do not have to ask the price.
It is a place where guests can experience history and art from the past, from the glory days when a master carpenter thought nothing of spending years on crafting the perfect chair, table or cabinet.
The 38-room hotel is founded on the precious personal collection of a well-known Chinese author, playwright and screenwriter who is also an experienced hotelier. Lv Garden was actually his home before it was converted into this exclusive retreat that is defined as an “art gallery with rooms”.
It is home to nearly 100 pieces of Qing Dynasty [db:内容2]