Lisbon Week presents historic, modern attractions

LISBON, Sept. 29 — The Lisbon Week, a cultural and tourist project, was wrapped up on the weekend after showing historic and modern areas of the city unfamiliar to many.
Inspired by Lisbon’s seven hills, the seven-day festival opened spaces normally closed to the public by offering visitors free access to exhibitions, concerts, palaces and lectures.
Starting in September 2012, the event is co-produced by Lisbon’s City Hall and XN Brand Dynamics.
“We have several curators and ambassadors and each one, each year, presents their view of the city. We also provoke encounters with art, gastronomy and propose several experiences, both for Portuguese citizens and foreigners that come to Lisbon,” Xana Nunes, leader of XN Brand Dynamics, told Xinhua.
Nunes said that organizers have established a website and a Facebook account and have more than 25,000 followers. Everyone can contact them through the website and Facebook. The places can be visited on the visitors’ own in a guided tour for more details of the heritages.
Professor Jose Sarmento Matos, as curator of this year’s History Itinerary, showed Lisbon’s unique heritage by picking iconic locations such as the Independent Palace and other places normally closed for public visits.
“I think they are enjoying it very much.They knew these monuments and palaces but they never entered them although they live in Lisbon and pass them every day. We are never tourists in our own town and this is a great way to discover the monuments of their own city,” Joana, a visitor said during one of her tours.
The four corners of Portugal’s capital were full of events and six embassies, respectively of France, Morocco, Mexico, Italy, China and Spain, opened their doors and shared their culture, tradition and history.
The Chinese Embassy offered some delicious food as well as a display of traditional masks change in Sichuan Opera, among others.
Lisbon is one of Europe’s most visited capitals and attracts a lot of tourists every year.[db:内容2]