International festival shows noted magicians performing, competing

By Xu Wei
 BEIJING, Nov. 4 — Noted magicians from all over the world will compete and showcase their skills on stage at the 8th Shanghai International Magic Festival & Competition, a program of the 15th China Shanghai International Arts Festival.
During the magic festival, magicians from the Netherlands, the United States, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Cuba and China will cast spells on the stage as well as in close-up magic shows.
The performance on November 10 will be followed by an awards ceremony to honor magicians who are top in their field.
Marcel Kalisvaart, a celebrated Dutch magician who is known as “The Prince of Illusion,” will amaze local audiences with his illusion act called “Nightmare.”
Kalisvaart will lead people to a mysterious nightmare world. In the act, a person lying on a bed will completely disappear in one second and a man with half a body will ride a bike.
American comedic magician Rudy Coby will do an original trick with a puppet boy. Under Coby’s spell, the puppet in a box will dance by itself inside the box, and later it will be turned into the size of a human.
Award-winning French magicians Kenris & Aurelia will stage an artistic program of illusions, a mix of magic and tango.
Circe Martinez from Cuba, who made her debut at the age of six, will produce a fantastical atmosphere on stage. Elements of Latin American folk songs and arts will be added.
Young Chinese conjurer Fu Yandong will also perform his new acts. Fu is adept at combining traditional Chinese art and customs with illusion. His “fish” performance at the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Show raised many eyebrows.
According to Wu Xiaoming, an organizer of the festival, masters will also attend a seminar to discuss new stunts and skills applied to magic art and exchange their novel concepts of the stage art.
“The introduction of new technology and ideas will bring new vitality to the age-old magic arts, which has a history of more than 5,000 years in China,” says Wu.
Date: November 7-10, 7:30pm
Venue: Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, 777 Wuyi Rd
Tickets: 100-800 yuan
Tel: 962-388

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