Hutong Beijing Tour, Tour Beijing Hutong

Beijing Hutong Tours, Discover the Backstreet Beijing

Beijing Hutong Tours, Discover the Backstreet Beijing

Getting lost in the Beijing narrow lanes once “as numberless as the hairs on an ox.”

It is an experience no traveler could ever forget to take a Hutong tour: a glimpse into Beijing’s yesterday, exploring Beijing’s traditional side, and experiencing the real life of Beijing locals.

We walked from the Drum Tower to the Hutong area and then took a rickshaw tour around the Shichahai area. It was very interesting seeing the contrast to modern Beijing.

Hmmm…interesting and fasinating adventure, we saw the true Beijing! It was a great experience to visit one of the local Siheyuan houses. That was fabulous to experience how most people in the hutong live.

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Now, go to Beijing and explore the Hutongs for yourself!

Most Recommended Hutong Tours – by walk, rickshaw or bike

The ideal way to see the hutong is on foot, by rickshaw, or by bike. Choose your preferred way to travel among our sampling hutong tours (ranging from 0.5~5 days). We promise you an authentic and REAL Hutong culture immersion trip.

Tailor-made a Hutong Tour
Not find what you want? Have a question about Hutongs? Want to customize a Hutong tour based on your unique needs? As we are a local travel agency, not a booking machine, so just drop us a line, and we can do anything for you!

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