Hongluo Temple Travel Guide, Hongluo Si Virtual Tour

Beijing Hongluo Temple Tour

The Red Shells Temple, or Hongluo Si received its name from a legend that two spiral shells gave out red light in the evening. Located at the foot of the Hongluo Mountain, the temple is seven kilometers northwest of Huairou County. First built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), the temple is worth a visit in early summer because of the wild flowers, fresh air. Covering an area of 16.6 acres, Hongluo Temple is the largest temple in the Beijing’s northern district. Surrounded by hills dotted with pines and cypresses in different shapes, the temple’s tasteful layout creates an atmosphere of quiet contemplation.

Address: four kilometers from Qingchun Road in the north Huairou District, Beijing

Opening hours: Daily (7:00 18:00)

How to Get There: By tourist bus 6 or 16 from Xuanwumen, or go by 916 bus leaving from Dongzhimen bus stop.

Admission Ticket: 30 yuan (adult), 15 yuan (kids under 1.2 meters)

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