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Help center/FAQ

What's Private Tour?

Private tours, that means you will not join in group of strangers, and do not need to do what the group as a whole wants. You will have your own tour guide speaking your language and licensed driver with luxury vehicle to take care of you and your friends along with you. Private Tours is featured by great flexibility, comfort and high quality service at affortable prices, which is considered the best way to travel in a foreign country with long history and rich culture as China.

What's Bus Tour?

Bus tour also calls coach tour or group tours. It is the most economical way to travel in a small group. Not only you can visit the most sightseeing in Beijing, but also you can make new friends from all over the world and share different views on the same topic - Beijing, and China. Taking a bus tour, you have to join-in the groups sharing the same bus and the guide, and follow up the fixed routes and time frame with the groups.

What's Tailor-made Tour?

A Tailor-made Tour means that a tour is designed specially for you, and meets every of your need. None of the pre-designed tours are fixed in Tailor-made tour. You can have your trip specially tailored to your heart's desire to gain a greater individual attention and the maximum flexibility and comfort. To take a Tailor-made tour, you would please send us a message to tell us what you want to do, to see, how many people of your group or family, your hotel request, meal requirement, personal interest, or special travel activities and language service if necessary! The more informations the more suitable tour we can design for you. Or you can easily use the Tailor Made Form to tell us your request. And we will do the rest!

What's Single room supplement?

The hotel rooms are all based on double occupancy. And the tour prices are based on double occupancy as well. If the visitor travels alone, he must pay for the other person. This additional charge is called single room supplement.

If the traveler number is odd (such as 3, 5, 7...), the odd number person who stays in one single room has to pay the single room supplement because the hotel rates are based on double occupancy.

Or if one of your friends in your group want to sleep in a room alone, he/she can also pay for the single room supplement then enjoy his/her solo stay.

Generally, Single room supplement is not included in the quotation.

Is China a safe country to travel?

It is very safe to travel in China, and violent crime against foreigners is almost unheard of. Pickpockets and petty theft can happen though, so as always when traveling, be very aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close at hand. It is helpful to have a tour guide with you because thieves and pickpockets will usually try to find easier targets rather than messing with a traveler that has someone with them that can easily call the police and identify them when they are caught. And our Chinese government has adopted kinds of measures to guarantee the safety of the foreign travelers.

How to apply for a Chinese Visa? highly recommend that you obtain your visa before leaving the country where you live. It will be very easy for you to obtain a China Visa to travel in China, which usually will allow you to stay within China for one month. The costs and the length of time to process a visa vary from country to country. Please check the website for the Chinese Embassy in your country to find the information applicable to you.

Application forms can usually be downloaded from the web site. We found this website  to be the most useful for Chinese visa requirements.

Is it possible for us to get the Chinese visa upon our arrival?

All visitors traveling to mainland China, require a visa. The Visa Department of Beijing Airport confirmed that no visitors can get the Chinese Visa upon arrival. highly recommend that you obtain your visa before leaving the country where you live.

Do I need visa for Hong Kong and Macao?

Passport holders of many countries such as US citizens as well as citizens of most countries in North America and Europe can visit Hong Kong and Macao without a visa during the specified visa-free period. For more details please visit the website of the Immigration Department of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Do I need vaccinations to enter China?

Generally no vaccinations are required for entering China, unless the traveler is coming from an area infected by a serious plague. You are suggested to follow the suggestions of the World Health Organization and your doctors and bring the international certificate of vaccination.

Can we book the international flight tickets through your company?

Yes, you can book both international and China domestic air tickets from us. But for the international air ticket, we still suggest you to book from your local agency in your country. You may get better discount than booking with us. We can provide you the domestic flight tickets with competitive price.

When is the best time for traveling in Beijing?

The best time to travel to Beijing is, generally, May, September and October. Autumn is the greatest season to visit Beijing, when warm, dry, sunny days with clear skies and pleasantly cool evenings are the norm.

Autumn is also a harvest season, when fruits and vegetables are ripe. One great activity in autumn months is picking fresh fruits and vegetables in local orchards. This is regarded as a great way to relax and get fresh air.

Can I use credit card in China? Are there any ATM services in China?

Most of universal credit cards are accepted in China, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diner's Club, and JCB card of Japan. In general, credit cards are accepted in super malls, super markets, hotels and big restaurants, where a sign indicates credit cards are accepted. There are ATM services available with your credit cards, and some of the five-star hotels may also have ATM available.

Note: If you are to travel to those small cities or even remote rural areas, only cash in RMB can be used.