Guanajuato expects to improve cultural exchanges between China, Mexico: governor

GUANAJUATO, Mexico, Oct. 11 — The central Mexican state of Guanajuato is expecting to further improve cultural exchanges between China and Mexico, Guanajuato governor Miguel Marquez Marquez said here on Friday.
Cultural exchanges between China and Guanajuato State have increased as the relationship between China and Mexico has developed, the governor said in an interview with Xinhua during the 41st Festival International Cervantino (FIC).
“More and more Chinese artists have participated in the FIC in recent years and their wonderful performances constitute an essential part (of the event),” Marquez said, adding that Chinese culture and oriental mystery are what spark the interest of local audiences most.
According to the governor, the close cultural exchanges can provide a basis for mutually beneficial cooperation in terms of economy, trade and education.
As China and Mexico upgraded the bilateral relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership this year, more opportunities for cooperation will emerge in the fields of trade, culture and society.
Marquez pointed out that this development would enable Guanajuato to cooperate with China in broader ways, expressing his hope that more Chinese people would visit the festival in the future.
FIC is one of the most important artistic events in Latin America. Some 3,580 artists from 31 nations will present more than 540 performances to audiences during the festival, which runs from Oct. 9-27 in Guanajuato, as well as in other Mexican cities and states, according to an official release.
China has sent delegations to attend this year’s festival, with performances from the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Tao Dance Troupe and Chongqing Art Troupe during the 19-day celebration.[db:内容2]